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      Welcome to the new 'Koda Cryptocurrency'. This is our official website. Contract address is: 0x8094e772fA4A60bdEb1DfEC56AB040e17DD608D5

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      Summit Update 100223

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      Feb 10 2023 | By

      Hello everyone, there is some important information here about KODA/ KAPEX (& SummitSwap / ByeBanx).

      Progress has been made! We are releasing the draft for KODA drop based on KAPEX holdings this weekend by end of Sunday 12th Feb. There is no rush but it makes sense for you to check this to ensure it is accurate to your calculations. After 1 week we will be carrying out the snapshot (end of Sunday 19th Feb) at 12:01am GMT (just past midnight) technically on the Monday 20th, at this point the wallets holdings are locked in. Then subsequently we will carry out the eagerly awaited drop, so any issues need to be brought to our attention before these times.

      The way this is worked out is it is your current KAPEX holding, by wallet. (Taken from

      It then removes any buys or transfers in after the date/time 10/17/22 16:05 (US Time format as per bscscan website).

      Note: Any sells and transfers out are considered sold and associated to new wallet respectively.

      And finally adds on your ‘unclaimed’ from presale.

      The KODA buy has now happened (2 parts- and, this will be distributed amongst the KAPEX holdings as per above on a ratio.


      As we look to benefit KODA holders, there will be a significant benefit for buying/holding KODA, (note staked KODA will not be part of this calculation however KODA withdrawn from staking or already in wallets will count).

      When we do the snapshot on the 20th at 12:01 GMT, ANY BUYS BEFORE THEN are therefore INCLUDED and anyone holding KODA in the same wallet will benefit as follows-

      • Double airdrop if holding the amount of KODA or more than what you are due to receive.
      • Triple airdrop if holding three times the KODA that you are due to receive.
      • Quadruple airdrop if holding five times the KODA that you are due to receive or more.

      The impact we expect this to have is to be a welcomed boost to trading volume as we approach our website launch and get the excitement back into KODA as we approach the next phase of our projects.

      Recent Vote on DEX:
      As it comes to the end of the vote, there looks to be a clear winner, prior to the KODA buy above the liquidity was removed from SummitSwap (, this was to prevent us having to make the buy on 2 platforms and reducing the perceived impact.
      It is being temporarily held, just in case the vote flips. If it doesn’t then the KODA will be burned and the BNB from this pool will be used to buy back and burn on SummitSwap ~next week.

      The fees on PancakeSwap have now been set to 5% in and 5% out. Of which 2.5% goes to build liquidity, and 2.5% comes to the business. Note: These fees will not change again without community vote.
      This now means slippage tolerance should be set at 5.5% or 6% for both buying and selling.

      This we feel is attractive to new investors, we are at the point where we plan to rise once again, and we must encourage investment into the project through KODA trading, and ByeBanX (New 5% fee on OpenSea for ByeBanx). These fees are how we intend to fund the expansion of the project, especially when EdYN is launched, along with some other revenue streams we have devised. Marketing will come alongside EdYN and the utility will feed through our projects.

      It feels good to be finally detaching and focusing on KODA with a simple model, it now fills us with confidence that we can thrive in the up and coming bull market. The chart is green and the future is bright.

      Remember: There are also pending buys from these will be happening soon after the drop takes place.

      And finally, any ByeBanX previously bought by the team will be getting listed on OpenSea ( at or around floor, as they hold no benefit in our hands. They should be amongst our community. Remember if you want to be guaranteed a part of EdYN buy ByeBanX. All proceeds will also be bought back into KODA and burned.

      We hope you enjoy being part of this projects rise and thank you for your continued support.

      James & Team.