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      Feb 27 2023 | By


      We are kicking this week off with some good news, the airdrop is nearly ready. We are just finalising the last few queries which we hope to have done by the end of this week.

      The sheet has been updated with some of the queries resvoled

      The total drop is currently ~1.2bn Koda which is less than we anticipated, meaning we have a huge remaining supply.

      We have decided to roll this remaining Koda over, which is ~0.7-0.8bn (final amount tbc when drop happens) for a subsequent airdrop a month after the first drop.

      To qualify this will take in consideration only buys in this timeframe- From the time of this post until 31st March, it will ignore sells. The koda will be split at a ratio based on these buys.

      For example-

      Wallet 1 buys 100m koda, sells 100m Koda, qualifying buys- 100m

      Wallet 2 buys 25m koda, sells 0 Koda, qualifying buys- 25m

      Wallet 3 sells 3m koda, buys 0 Koda, qualifying buys- 0m

      the koda would then be split like this-

      Wallet total total buys / all wallets total buys * 0.8bn KODA.

      Hypothetically, based on just the above activity-

      Wallet 1 would reieve 0.64 bn
      Wallt 2 would recieve 0.16 bn
      Wallet 3 would recieve zero.

      -More information on the ‘NFT giveaway’ will come next.
      -We will also be moving over the SummitSwap funds and soon after the drop.

      And as always please be aware of scammers and fraudulent links. This airdrop is passive meaning you do not have to connect your wallet anywhere.


      Have a great week.

      James and team.