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      Summit Update 130223 – KAPEX Wallets for KODA drop

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      Feb 13 2023 | By

      Hi everyone, without furhter ado the list of KAPEX holdings for the imminent KODA drop is here-

      Please check your wallet/s against this and contact us via official channels if you have any questions.

      Remember: (from

      As we look to benefit KODA holders, there will be a significant benefit for buying/holding KODA, (note staked KODA will not be part of this calculation however KODA withdrawn from staking or already in wallets will count).

      When we do the snapshot on the 20th at 12:01 GMT, ANY BUYS BEFORE THEN are therefore INCLUDED and anyone holding KODA in the same wallet will benefit as follows-

      • Double airdrop if holding the amount of KODA or more than what you are due to receive.
      • Triple airdrop if holding three times the KODA that you are due to receive.
      • Quadruple airdrop if holding five times the KODA that you are due to receive or more.

      Note: You can now work out the KODA you are due to recieve based on the total allocated to the drop which is 555m and multiply it by your % allocation. Please be aware that the % allocation is likely to increase slightly as there are some removals expects from transfers out- So all good news here!

      You will likely know that the KODA price has seen positive activity recently meaning your drop is worth significantly more than it was when we started this process. We expect this activity to continue and have some other treats coming over the coming weeks.

      Thanks for being part of our journey.

      James and team.