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      Welcome to the new 'Koda Cryptocurrency'. This is our official website. Contract address is: 0x8094e772fA4A60bdEb1DfEC56AB040e17DD608D5

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      Migration to V2 & HashEx Audit

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      koda building

      Oct 7 2021 | By

      Koda Cryptocurrency are excited to announce the release of the eagerly awaited V2.

      The team here at Koda HQ have been working closely with Hashex, one of the most impactful cryptocurrency auditors in the world, who recently worked with Safemoon, we discussed with them what worked well and what didn’t to ensure that we take the positives and learn by the negatives to ensure that we are now ‘safer than Safemoon’.

      We have many actions in place including fixing the inherited vulnerabilities, Total Supply reduced to 33 billion, Reduced BSC Network fees, and many more.

      We want to let you know all the benefits this will have on our already successful venture.

      This sets us up for the next stage in KODA cryptocurrency’s plan, to make crypto safer for everyone.

      I hope you’ll see all the benefits and are just as excited about this next stage in our journey.

      Old contract address-


      New Koda contract address (as of 18th November 2021)-


      Audit By Hashex: ZERO Critical or High severity issues remain, Click here to find out more >

      Action Benefits
      1. Fix inherited vulnerabilities
      • Critical/High Vulnerabilities with major reflective tokens such as Safemoon (that were ignored by the latter put their community at risk) are resolved in Koda V2 making us a far safer reflective token.
      • 10% limit to total tax fee (including reflections) cannot be exceeded.
      1. Total supply reduced to 33 billion.
        1. Removal of all team locked wallets
        2. Removal of additional business tokens
        3. Tidied up holders list
        4. Remove huge burn wallet
      • CoinGecko, CMC and other tracking sites show the true KODA supply (total and circulating) much clearer.
      • Reduced risk of big wallets.
      • Far more attractive to investors.
      1. Integrate with SummitSwap
        1. Allow liquidity to be provided directly to SummitSwap instead of PancakeSwap
        2. Change references of PancakeSwap to SummitSwap
      • Helps to promote SummitSwap
      • Pulls in SummitSwap ecosystem, looks more professional.
      • Allows Koda stakers to benefit from SummitSwap.
      1. Tax fee to be managed by a separate fee manager contract.
      • Automatically feed marketing activities and developer costs.
      • Automatically seamlessly grow liquidity.
      1. Integrate with sister token Koda Apex (KAPEX)
      • Feed KAPEX liquidity through fee manager contract (as above).
      • Ability to feed stakers with KAPEX rewards.
      1. Reduced BSC Network fees
      • Lower fee to buy/ sell/ send Koda.
      1. Rebranded – Clear and concise
      • Fit with the new branding of “Koda Cryptocurrency” remove mention of Summit as the Koda Cryptocurrency token is not ‘owned’ or ‘created’ by ‘Summit’.
      1. Ability to withdraw and refund Koda/ other tokens wrongly sent to contract address (subject to fee)
      • No loss off Token funds when someone sends to contract address.
      1. No ability to send BNB to contract address (transaction fails).
      • No loss off BNB funds when someone sends to contract address.
      1. Ability to run promotional sales on main pairing.
      • Can reduce buy only fees to boost marketing as required. This is a far cleaner way than airdropping tokens.