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      Koda Finance – Koda Finance Becomes Koda Cryptocurrency

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      Jul 2 2021 | By

      Koda Finance – Koda Finance Becomes Koda Cryptocurrency

      It’s all go, go go here at Koda Finance. Or should I say Koda Cryptocurrency? That’s right. We have rebranded from Koda Finance to Koda Cryptocurrency and later this year we will be launching a brand-new platform called SummitSwap too!

      Koda Cryptocurrency will be the native token on the future platform called SummitSwap, It will also be exclusive to this platform. With the exciting launch of SummitSwap platform coming later this year, we wanted to make sure everything was in order and felt that rebranding Koda Finance to Koda Cryptocurrency was a great way of matching this exciting change.

      The values of Koda Finance are here to stay with Koda Cryptocurrency. We are still working towards and focusing on the same objectives of a cryptocurrency that offers Trust, Education and Ease of use. This will never change. It’s what we always have and always will work towards and focus on.

      Our team here at Koda Cryptocurrency do something different to the other cryptocurrency companies out there. We have started the business by building trust from our investors. We spend time building trust with potential investors and educating them.

      As investors in cryptocurrency ourselves, we know how important it is for crypto investors to see stability and trust. Our doors are literally always open. We have a great team working in the Koda Cryptocurrency offices. They are available for phone meetings, zoom calls and face to face meetings.

      If you’re local to our office in London you’re welcome to pop by. The team would love to meet you, and you’ll quickly see just how community-focused we are as a business. You’ll also see how true we are to our values of Trust, Education and Ease of use.

      We know that cryptocurrency isn’t necessarily an easy currency to use, but we are working to change that. Through the use of SummitSwap, when it launches later this year, our Koda tokens will become easier to use and they will be more enjoyable to trade too!

      Here at Koda Cryptocurrency our aim is to make crypto accessible to everyone, not just the few. We believe that there is a lot of potential in cryptocurrencies and the world of blockchain. We also believe that this is just the beginning of a very exciting journey for investors!

      Watch below to hear more on our exciting new rebrand from some of our team!

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