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      Koda Cryptocurrency – Top Three Crypto Tips You Need To Know

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      Feb 2 2022 | By

      Looking to become a first-time investor in cryptocurrencies? Then this is the blog post for you. We share just three of out top crypto tips to help you become a potentially successful investor in the world of crypto.

      As with all new investments, it is crucial that you’re aware of what you are investing in. Take your time to do your own research. Only invest as much as you are willing to lose. Also, decide what you want from your crypto investment too.

      So, here are our top three crypto tips we think you need to know.

      1. Venture Into Other Crypto Coins
      Think of the old saying about not putting all your eggs into one basket. Do your own research to find the crypto coins that are thriving. Invest in some popular crypto coins, but some lesser-known crypto coins to diversify your crypto investment for a potential successful return. Find a crypto coin for you that will be right for you, that has your same values and that you can trust.

      2. Learn About Hot And Cold Wallets

      While crypto only exists online, it still needs a wallet to be kept in. When it comes to crypto wallets, you can choose between hot wallets and cold wallets. Again, it depends what you want to do with your crypto coins and what you want from your crypto investment. As a beginner, we would recommend hot offline wallets as these will be more useful and versatile for you. That said, cold wallets do offer more protection from potential hackers. Take the time to understand both wallets and choose the best one for your crypto investment.

      3. Be Aware
      Crypto coins do have higher safety ratings that traditional money, however it is still wise to be alert. Take the time to research the different ways you can store and handle your crypto coins. Having a large number of crypto coins that you own or want to trade in a mobile wallet can open you up to risks and vulnerabilities. Choose a way to manage your crypto coins that is responsible and safe, but also convenient to you.

      To find out how you can maximise the potential of your crypto investment, chat to our team at