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      Koda Cryptocurrency – Received Your First Koda Tokens: Are they dangerous?

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      Jul 16 2021 | By

      Koda Cryptocurrency – Received Your First Koda Tokens: Are they dangerous?

      As popularity grows around Koda Tokens it is likely you may have now received your first ones and you might be worried that they are not safe. Do not worry! We are here to answer some of the more common questions asked by our community surrounding the decentralised distribution technology that supports Koda Tokens.

      The Distribution of Koda Tokens
      Here at Koda Finance we want to become one the most popular crypto tokens. Therefore, we are distributing Koda Tokens to as many people as we can, but in a simple, fair and fun distribution model.

      We have chosen to subscribe to Binance Smart Chain. It’s completely public. We put together a pool of public wallet addresses and pick some at random as our winners. These lucky winners will receive free Koda Tokens to do what they want with.

      It is just like a raffle – but you don’t need to pay to take part. If you have a digital wallet with Binance Smart Chain and your address is public, you could be in with the chance of receiving Koda Tokens direct to your wallet for free!

      Worried Koda Tokens Aren’t Safe?
      We will be distributing hundreds of thousands of Koda Tokens to digital wallets across the globe. This can be unnerving for some people. Just as you would be wary if a stranger knocked on your door and handed you a £20 note. However, it wouldn’t mean the money was unsafe. That’s exactly the case for our Koda Tokens. We’re just popping them in your wallet, instead of knocking on your front door.

      We don’t have any personal details for you, your public key (which serves as your address) has been chosen at random. Our team don’t know who receives the Koda Tokens, we just know you have a digital wallet. We send the Koda Tokens through – this site allows you to see your balance with your public key.

      Alternatively, you can go to and you can view all the BSC transactions in real time, or send your crypto tokens to other people.

      Concerned We’ll Take It Back?
      Firstly – we would never do that? That’s like your Granny giving you a cheque at Christmas and then asking to have it back a few months later. She wouldn’t do that and nor would we. Also, we can’t! Just because we have been able to put money in your digital wallet, it doesn’t mean we have access to your wallet. It’s like having your email address, we could send you emails, but we would never be able to get into your email account as we don’t have your password. Just as we don’t have your private key for your digital wallet.

      You can receive crypto tokens from anyone because your wallet address is public. However, nobody, other than you, has access to your digital wallet. Nobody else could access, spend, or trade the crypto currency in your digital wallet – just like nobody else could spend the money in your own wallet in your pocket.

      Can I get hacked?
      Getting hacked means that someone has access to your private key, and this enables them to get into your digital wallet. We don’t have access to your private key so we could never hack into your wallet. If you gave information of your private key to someone (which you should never do) then they could hack into your account, but we would never be able to.

      As long as you keep your private keys private you will be safe. Think of them like your email password or your Facebook log-ins. You would never share those about, and you shouldn’t with your private keys either.

      Are You Dusting Me?
      This is not a dusting attack. A dusting attack is a very complex technology and it is executed to de-anonymise public addresses before linking them together and then extorting the owner. That is not what we are doing.

      Dusting attacks are done by sending small but unique amounts of crypto coins to high net-worth wallets. That’s not what we are doing here at Koda Finance. We are just sending Koda Tokens at random to a selection of different public addresses. Our goal is to create a fair distribution. This means that some of our Koda Tokens will go to high net-worth wallets and some will go to low net-worth wallets, because it’s done completely at random.

      But There’s No Such Thing as A Free Lunch, Or Is There?
      We are all told that nothing in life is free and that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Yet, it seems that there is. Here at Koda Finance we want to become one of the most popular crypto tokens suppliers. To do this we need lots of people to use Koda Tokens.

      By giving you free Koda Tokens, we are inviting you to join our community and to be part of our very exciting future. By receiving Koda Tokens you make our coins more valuable. That’s the beauty of crypto currency like Koda Tokens. The more people that own them, the more popular they become.

      If you want to keep your Koda Tokens for a rainy day, great. If you would rather sell them on, then that’s fine too. Just like the stranger giving you £20 on your doorstep, you can do what you want with the new tokens in your wallet.

      Want to know more? Contact our team now at