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      Welcome to the new 'Koda Cryptocurrency'. This is our official website. Contract address is: 0x8094e772fA4A60bdEb1DfEC56AB040e17DD608D5

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      This got me thinking on A new question lol. Are you planning to integrate something like a PayPal add on to buy koda?

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      Jun 3 2021 | By

      Yes, we are going to use my other company as a guinea pig, (JG Pest Control) There are several plug ins, but if we can get it working for JG we can get others on it, accepting the big coins but if we can make it happen then koda too. it’s not a priority right now but it’s certainly something that needs to happen for mass uptake for crypto in the future in general. This is already happening with bitpay and alt5 pay, a haven’t investigated much further than that at this point.