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    We're hosting open sessions online and at our head office to talk you through every step of the process.

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      Please contact us if you would like more information on any of the events listed. Email: [email protected]

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      Alternatively you can contact the company that markets Koda Cryptocurrencies, SummitBC directly…



      Browse our FAQs below…

    • Where can I get Koda?

      PancakeSwap / 1Inch. Liquidity will be moved to SummitSwap exclusively on release.

    • What do I need to buy Koda?

      A cryptocurrency wallet, such as Trust Wallet, Safepal Wallet or Metamask, and BNB smartchain coin which can be purchased from wallets direct or on exchanges.

    • What wallet do I need?

      Trust wallet, Safepal or metamask wallet. (There are other compatible wallets too).

    • Where can I purchase BNB?

      Binance, or directly from the Safepal or Trust wallet and any other exchange which supports BNB coin.

    • What does the slippage need to be set to?

      Between 10.5% and 12%, the lower the better as this prevents manipulation by front running bots.

    • When Lambo?

      Our Lamborghini competition is currently running, You can enter here.

    • When Kapex?

      Further news will be announced on official channels.

    • When Summit Swap?

      Further news will be announced on official channels.

    • How will staking work?

      Further news will be announced on official channels.

    • What will Migration to V2 achieve?

      Migration to V2 will help us achieve the top score in our audit due to us having to clear up some of the vulnerabilities that were in the original SAFEMOON smart contract while also bringing us in line with our future vision of having all our products in our ecosystem support each other.

    • What is the difference between us and projects like SAFEMOON?

      We are a fully open and transparent team with a physical office and working/audited product en route.