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      Sep 1 2021 | By

    • Peter Rankin:
      What is the targeted community uptake and is there a global strategy?

      So, I fell in love with crypto and wished I was in sooner, excuse any typos please. And I started to get friends involved and then I realised how contagious it is, it’s addictive, and if you know what you are doing and don’t put too much in then it’s a lot of fun. Most people found it hard to understand, but when you know someone involved it becomes a lot easier. I plan to continue spreading the word generally about crypto to everyone from teenage up to my grandad who is 92 years old and well may I add. Soon we will be approaching heavy investors, but I want to reiterate this project is for the everyday person, it’s here to support the man on the street (and woman) and the future, our kids. Obviously we have started in the UK but I fully expect to have an international office within a year or so.

      Is there any more questions around this particularly? Just to add, the way you buy koda is extremely difficult compared to buying more established tokens/coins, so what I expect to see is when we are easier to buy aka, on exchanges then we will see a far greater uptake, its only a matter of time we have already applied to several.

    • Tom Rice:
      What’s the plans for next week? I saw something happening outside the office earlier

      So we were filming a promo for the Lamborghini give away. we will also be using the footage to create some cool memes / gifs for people. for a bit of fun.

    • Daniel Grace:
      Will there be an easier way to buy Koda? I’ve been trying to get people involved and most people think the process looks dodgy.

      Answered with previous question.

      That’s why we created Koda. At the moment u have to trade on pancake swap (very small fees compared to uniswap). Unfortunately until the platform is launched Koda can only be purchased this way! However, most small cryptos do start off trading on such platforms until they migrate onto the bigger platforms (Binance, Coinbase etc).

    • Terry Gunn:
      Can I have a swap-liquidity explained on pancake at some stage?

      We will do an explanation video, because this isn’t relevant specifically to koda, it’s more a learning curve of the whole market, well at least smart chain.

    • Alex Sainsbury:
      Did someone say Lamborghini giveaway?

      Yes details on site by COP Tuesday… funny actually after this we are running a second give away and have decided that it’s not suitable to give away a fuel guzzling supercar, we will be making the next competition an electric super car… not sure how I feel about those, guess I best test one out! Maybe not a tesla though! lol

    • Das crypto:
      Have you already picked the charity projects?

      Hey, so the answer to this is absolutely yes, I have a meeting tomorrow with our first one, this will be cancer research. They are based up north in the UK this particular contact and it will involve some sort of rugby sponsorship and a release of funds over a medium-term time period to keep them tracking the project.

    • David Payne:
      When can we get some Stickers and Merch dude?

      Real soon, we can’t get it in quick enough! The merch question Cal has answered, but we are working on a plug in to the website so you can buy in crypto of course. 🙂 we will be dishing out a load of freebies to you lot that are invested though of course.

    • Jason Pettigrove:
      Last question from me also. What gives you all the confidence that this won't be another crypto flash in the pan, as some tokens have been of late? ooooft James G like a dagger to my heart that... Iniestaaaaaa

      Because we have the backing of a solid team, marketing campaign and trust and belief of the people. Nobody that I know of targets to crypto the un-crypto’ed, but this combined with real value in our swap site, will attract the existing market and big investors, and therefore there is only one place this project is going.

    • Marcel:
      Wen binance is my question?

      HAHA, hi marcel! love it, hopefully soon, did you see you jumped the queue there.

    • Das crypto:
      Second question, when do you think the app Will be released and Will you include other tokens too

      So I don’t want to give too much away on this, but we said 6-month time line, I would really hope it can be brought forward but I don’t want to over promise, I’m all for under promise and over deliver, that’s how I have always worked. Yes other coins will be swappable like pcswap. However we plan to go further, there are discussions about cross chain, this is believe is the way forward, but as I say, nothing set in stone on that front. We will have a preview of design and intro video hopefully by COP 25th also as this is what the website refers to when it says “further update by 25th”. We will then set a new date to work towards and update the roadmap accordingly.

    • Terry Gunn:
      Can we get Jonny to do a more in depth video from start to finish?

      Johnny is a highly skilled amazingly talented creative person, he has left his own business to come on full time. He starts in the office tomorrow so there will be loaaaaaads of new content starting with this video recap, and the replacement of my 2 initial amateur YouTube videos. Hopefully should have something tomorrow.

    • Jace de souza:
      How is the KODA office coming along? All sorted or more to come?

      The offices are awesome, nearly done, opening party Friday, however we are now converting the storerooms into more space for the increased team. I have tried to make it comfortable as possible so I don’t have to leave. Renovating the gym also and healthy food all around us and good coffee, need to keep healthy when you work this hard, I have a personal trainer to force me into it. lol

    • Robert Blanchard:
      Will there be workshops teaching us about the crypto currency and how it works for example?? For beginners

      Absolutely, we have a classroom, so will do invite only events, I even plan to run classes and show people how to make their own coins, and share some of the challenges I got past, this will encourage people to trade their coins on summitswap (these classes will be filmed and broadcasted on our channels).

    • James Bradley:
      How much Koda should we be holding to make it worthwhile as it goes up?

      James only invest what you can afford but once this market cap is sorted (we done a lot of burns so takes a while to update on poo coin) we envisage we’ll be taken more seriously by big investors 💪.

      This isn’t really something I can answer. Look at the amount of money you put in, if it’s an amount you cannot live without, then do not put it in crypto currency.

    • Das crypto:
      This got me thinking on A new question lol. Are you planning to integrate something like a PayPal add on to buy koda?

      Yes, we are going to use my other company as a guinea pig, (JG Pest Control) There are several plug ins, but if we can get it working for JG we can get others on it, accepting the big coins but if we can make it happen then koda too. it’s not a priority right now but it’s certainly something that needs to happen for mass uptake for crypto in the future in general. This is already happening with bitpay and alt5 pay, a haven’t investigated much further than that at this point.

    • Guv:
      Can you use ledger to store coins on or is it trust wallet only? As an investor I would like to see regular updates

      Currently ledger does not support koda but this is because we are so new. I am approaching them and requesting they support the coin which hopefully wont be too long. This is the same for trezor.

      I like to think regular updates are second nature to us, if you keep track of the website its updated almost daily, socials, such as Facebook, twitter, insta and tiktok you can see what we are up to. We will be implementing a news section on the website soon.

      This will collate all our public articles and internal news too.

    • Kerry Kelleher:
      Is the initial uptake what you thought it would be?

      I am really happy with how the initial uptake went, we are barely even live, and the community is great. The rest of the market downturn has made it a rockier ride than we hoped for in the past couple of days but get through this and it could be a blessing in disguise, from my point of view downs in crypto can be viewed as the bow to a bow and arrow being pulled back. We all know what happens eventually.

    • Jace De Souza:
      Is the opening party invite only?

      Where are you from and what is your link? if you let us know, we may well be able to invite a select few. I don’t see why not.

    • Magda Philip:
      Hello, can you buy using Binance exchange? Friends in US and Europe are using this version and I couldn't tell them if it would work or not?

      Another admin can explain another time if that’s ok, I am not here for this level of support, but basically if you can buy bnb from anywhere then you can use it to trade KODA if you get it into a wallet such as trust or metamask on smart chain.

    • Terry Gunn:
      Is there anything more we can do to support you James with this project? I mean more than the normal like share coms etc on media? After all we are all in this together.

      Humbled that everyone wants to help, and amazed what we have achieved already, you are all already doing so much. Yes, we are in it together. We will call on the community as required, I am all for collaboration with other projects and companies, we are doing this already, we have a really nice PR stunt coming where we have teamed up with a relatively small flower shop. Watch this space.

    • Guv:
      Would trx not be better than bsc, cheaper and faster?

      Cross chain is the end goal. Bsc solid and widely used, we chose BSC over eth because of the sickening fees for small transactions on ETH.

    • David:
      Hi James, hope all is good with you in this shitty time in crypto!! Buy buy buy great time. Just a question this burning thing what is that all about?

      Hi david, all good, luckily for me I sold most of my other coins to provide liquidity for this project, so I actually don’t feel the burn so much, I just enjoy seeing the other coins recover as I know what knock-on effect that has for the whole market. So, burning… When the token was formed, the supply was 10 quadrillion, far too many tokens for circulation and 100% was in my control.

    • Tom:
      Hi David basically it means we can't dump on you because we have all the coins.

      If you look here, you’ll see we burned 96% of tokens I then send 50% to the contract address meaning they were no longer in my control, and then 25% was burned, I then removed the rest of tokens in that wallet so that the circulating supply is far lower- @Team what is the current figure? anyway what this means, I cannot withdraw the whole lot and leave everyone with nothing, this is known as a rug pull, I specifically set out to prevent these. Top wallet is locked forever liquidity is locked, that’s different.

    • Jason Pettigrove:
      Rug pull was what the defi guys did when they made off with the 32m?

      It’s rife. Especially in new coins. Essentially, you and I could create a coin, shill it everywhere then dump after making a profit. Exactly not just defi, defi means decentralised finance, these were scam artists, look up on YouTube defi100. 32m rug pulled. Sickening.

      Essentially true, which is why you need to be able to spot the signs, Ape is all over me like a rash on this, which is great because it means we can ensure that the trust is delivered. (Cheer’s ape lol). @MarcelAping

      This is why we will be transparent as much as possible. We know people won’t invest straight away until it’s earned, and they see the potential one more thing, we are getting audited, this allows us to attract some really top defi guys, I am in chats regarding this, and we will keep you updated.

    • Jason Pettigrove:
      Actually one last one. Is it worthwhile having a couple more telegram channels, so this one can be a welcome/chat channel with others for more serious chat? I woke up this morning to over 800 messages in here! No dramas if not, just a thought.

      We do have an announcements telegram as well to condense the messages and streamline important messages. are you in that group? not everyone can chat in there and only comment on articles?

      Transparency is easy if you have nothing to hide.

    • Late question someone forgot to ask:
      Doh, missed him! My question was is there any dates in mind for the summit swap exchange to be ready v1? Koda is the native coin of it right?

      6 months is the time we are working towards; however, we hope to pull this forward and the idea of KODA is that it will be the native tradable coin on the platform. The first one, and we aim to develop it so that other tokens will be able to be paired against it. This is not all due to happen at the point of 6 months, 6 months will be V1. likely limited functionality, but who knows we are fast moving, may be further a long by then than we anticipate.

    • How do I spot a scammer on telegram?

      1. Official team members will not DM you first.
      2. If in doubt get our email address ( only) and verify through that.
      3. Do not ever give away private key, seed phrase or any password to me, anyone or anyone pretending to be anyone. Not even your mum.
      4. The scammers are VERY sophisticated, they copy my profiles, they copy my picture, and the same with our other admin/staff, and many others.
      5. Anyone saying they are support, are scammers. Anyone called help desk, you guessed it- scammers. Do not let them fool you.
      6. Our websites are, and https://SummitSwap.Finance other websites unless published by me are not officially.


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