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      Ambassador Programme

      koda community

      What is the Koda Ambassador Programme?

      The Koda Ambassador Programme has been created for those in our community who want to enhance the presence and image of Koda Cryptocurrency across all social media platforms.

      This includes:
      Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, Discord and YouTube.

      How does it work?

      • You will gain points based on your social media interactions and these points accumulate into Koda Tokens
      • When acting as an Ambassador for Koda you should encourage community engagement and brand awareness by sharing posts from the official Koda accounts and posts from members of the Koda team
      • You should encourage the community to interact and engage with all social posts and constantly be looking for ways to increase engagement across social channels
      • Each Koda Ambassador will be monitored by the team for a month to ensure that their interactions are on brand with Koda. All social media actions will be logged and verified by the Koda team and you can earn up to 390,000 Koda tokens fortnightly.

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        I’d love to promote Koda Cryptocurrency on the following:


        Who can be a Koda Ambassador?

        • If you are a passionate member of the Koda community and show your support for us across different social platforms then we want you to become an official Koda Ambassador!
        • We need someone just like you to motivate others in the community to engage, spread the Koda word and assist the community with any questions they may have
        • We can provide you with graphics, videos and memes for your posts.

        How can you excel as a Koda Ambassador?

        • Leading members to do effective shilling/ promotion
        • Provide help and assistance to the Koda community
        • Be active in other communities to organically get interest from new users
        • Advise marketing team on good opportunities for promotions – such as contacts of good promoters, YouTubers etc
        • Provide support posts/how to guides/ do own pod casts/ recordings/ videos
        • Provide technical analysis
        • Carry out competitions to gain reach
        • Drive followers to @kceoda and @coinkoda on Twitter
        • Drive members to our Telegram/ Discord/ Facebook/ Reddit.

        Technical Requirements:

        • A valid email address
        • A wallet address to receive your Koda rewards
        • Twitter handle
        • Accounts across at least 2 of our social media platforms
        • Proof of ID

        You need to:

        • Represent the values of Koda Cryptocurrency
        • Have an understanding of Koda Cryptocurrency and other Smart chain coins
        • Be enthusiastic, polite and friendly
        • Be active on social media

        In order for us to validate your social accounts, you must post the following to your Twitter:

        I want to make cryptocurrency better by being part of $Koda’s Ambassador team; promoting Trust, Education and Ease of Use!

        Retweet if you are interested in joining with me! Or more info can be found here:

        Rewards & Payout: How will I be rewarded?

        Your activity falls into 3 bands.

        Band 1: 60 USD paid in Koda
        Band 2: 100 USD paid in Koda
        Band 3: 140 USD paid in Koda

        In the below table, we show an example of how the different types of activity fall into the different bands.

        If you’re absolutely smashing it out the park on one particular platform then we will up the band that you fall into!

        We can’t wait to see the great work you produce for Team Koda!

        Twitter Telegram Facebook Reddit Discord YouTube videos
        Band 1 Yes Yes Yes
        Band 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
        Band 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

        The information provided by you in this form is subject to verification and does not guarantee eligibility.

        The Ambassador programme can be cancelled at any time without prior warning from a member of the Koda team.

        Each band is based on max payment in a 2 week period.

        Pay can be reviewed at any time and changed without prior warning or notice.