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      The Community Driven Cryptocurrency

      Koda token is a trusted advanced cryptocurrency created and developed by Summit BC development team. It will be the native token on SummitSwap, a platform for everyone.



      Koda's aim is to make Crypto accessible to everyone with a community built to help each other.

      Community Driven


      Transacting in KODA will generate wealth in the community by locking liquidity in every transaction.

      Automatic Liquidity

      Static Rewards

      Owning and holding KODA will generate rewards through static reflection, in simple terms, your KODA balance grows with every transaction as part of the tokenomic set up.

      Static Rewards
      Koda Live Chart Coin Market Cap BSC Scan Bit Query

      $2 (USD)

      Market Cap:
      $1 (USD)

      Summit Koda Token contract:

      Koda Coin

      Our core values are based on T.E.E



      The reputation of cryptocurrency token trading has taken a hit in 2021 and we have made it our mission to restore faith in the market.

      This will be achieved by utilising our best-in-class development team, real business set up and marketing campaigns stemming from our HQ in London, UK. SummitSwap, along with all of our projects, aims to protect investors against extortion and fraud.


      Cryptocurrency is still new to the majority. People do not understand what cryptocurrency is or what it even does. We aim to crypto the 'un-cryptoed' by providing educational resources through all of our projects and community channels.

      Ease of use

      It can be very difficult to trade cryptocurrencies, especially non-mainstream ones. Summit BC have the aim of developing a beautiful user experience in their cross-chain trading platform (SummitSwap), we are passionate about simplifying cryptocurrency so that it appeals to the masses.

      Summit Koda Token

      Koda is a trusted advanced cryptocurrency created and developed by Summit BC development team.

      This will be the native token on SummitSwap, a platform for everyone. The end goal of KODA is to be a transactable currency where people will be able to swap KODA for goods and services as an alternative currency, i.e., we aim to have shops accept it as payment. People will be able to earn passive rewards from KODA by holding it and further rewards by staking it.


      Community Focus

      We want you to join our community across all our platforms, learn, share and help others in breaking into the crypto market and generate wealth for all in the community.

      Our in depth videos, graphs and E-guides will help pick apart the "complicated" world of Crypto currency and see perhaps it is not as complicated as you thought!

      Social Influencers please email us at: [email protected] SummitSwap
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      Circulating Supply

      • Total
      • Locked team contributor
        / developer tokens
      • Team, business, community, future burn and charity funds

      SummitBC Koda Road Map

      May - July
      • Summit Koda Token (KODA) birth
      • Build Community and internal team
      • Begin Development of SummitSwap V1
      • Start of SummitSwap mobile app development.
      Aug - Oct
      • Koda and SummitSwap promotional activities
      • Centralised Exchange
      • Release Testing version of SummitSwap V1 (Launch)
      • Lamborghini
      • Koda APEX birth
      Nov - Jan
      • Development of additional SummitSwap features
      • Live Launch
      • Centralised Exchanges progression towards Binance.
      Feb - Apr
      • Introduction of new dApp's supporting SummitSwap
      • Introduction of KODA NFTs.
      • Continued release of new features
      • New Lock plans
      • New Roadmap